Experimenting with automatic writing: William Burrow’s effects are so vibrant, visual and hard to achieve – rather than take every drug available I’m just going to practice.

Rapid-opaque privatization has a devastating effect on the population’s welfare, happiness and life expectancy. Yet, maverick behaviour in some firms can foster surprisingly anarchist tendencies and seeds for revolution.

Second Life: National Health Service (UK):
Second Life: National Health Service (UK): (Photo credit: rosefirerising)

Rolled out across most of the country last month on behalf of Replace Cap Ltd the NHS 64 service was set up with the stated aim of: “Supporting Brazen Activity”. Leading to people urgently seeking medical help or advice the service was supported by other medical companies seeking profits from the mass injuries. What now concerns official and governmental-privatised-oligarchs is an attendant mental attitude to treat the body as nothing more than an appendage.

Control of bodies may no longer be enough – no one cares any more corporeal mortality only celebrity. Celebrity-cerebrally now cerebrity.

Adrenaline junkies jump gorges with parachutes – landing just metres away from four lanes of busy traffic – divers spotted rare aircraft lying 50ft down and upside down on the Goodwin Sands just off the Kent. Barefaced and casual. An extraordinary scene – a herd of bison charge a Lion.

Collapsing factories now required to extinguish bodies. Was this the inevitable outcome of mass production?

Courtesy Yahoo news, 4 May 2013


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