Contemporary Art Reviews

I’m half way through the time consuming process of bringing together all the art reviews I’ve written over the last number of years. As an incentive to keep going I thought I’d make a short post about it and ask you folk to take a look.

Becoming an art critic was a fairly slow process, building up confidence and knowledge over a period of time. But my break really came by chance. Feeling a bit cocky one day I phoned Art Monthly, London, out of the blue and said, “I want to write for you”. It turned out that their Scottish correspondent was ill, so once I proved my modest credentials (I’d written things for a listings magazine and been through art college) they gave me a chance! After that, it was fairly easy to get other commissions and keep on going.

I’ve always considered it essential to keep creative practice – art and fiction – close at hand when writing about art. I also believe that academic tools, like theory and research methodologies, are creative activities just like making art. So, you’ll find my writing full of little stories and leaps of the imagination, while I also try to attend to the ‘serious’ work at hand.

I’ve also worked as a lecturer for the University of Edinburgh so if you’re interested in art or being an art critic, I’d be happy to try to field any questions you might have! It’d be great if the blog became a place for ‘water cooler’ conversations on art and life and all that matters to you. So, feel free to get in touch!

(Just so you know, my specialisms are Modernism and Postmodernism, so if you ask me about Medieval Art expect a pause while I rush off to Wikipedia and then pretend I know what you’re talking about!)


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