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One of the best things about running this blog so far is that it’s helped me to develop a generative kind of writing game I call Subtle Sci-fi. Very simply it’s where a short story is written around a premise that limits or effects the story world. So far this has included:

Up-coming stories will include, “decay, dilapidation and other aspects of entropy are designed aspects of the human environment”, and, “every one sleep walks most of the time”.

As the ball is rolling and there are examples of how this works (click the links above) I now want to invite folk to put forward premises for future stories. And the best ones I’ll work on.

So, take a look around, and then leave a comment if an idea strikes you. Thanks in advance to anyone who gives it a go. And of course any premise can be interpreted in lots of different ways.

Best, James,

(You can also now vote on your favourite story so far at the Subtle Sci-fi Centre).


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  1. Charles Moonstone says:

    What if we had no memory?

    1. That’s a good one… raises lots of questions. I’ve recently taken an interest in the work of the psychologist Daniel Kahneman who argues that the majority of our thinking is what he calls ‘fast thinking’. It happens quite intuitively with almost no recourse to memory. Like when you look at these words you recognise them without having to pause and recall that you know English. So maybe the writing would have to take a stream of consciousness approach or even have more visual elements than usual. But then would people be nameless, homeless, and without identity? Often memories seem to be held in physical objects, like buildings, diaries or photographs… so you could either interpret the premise as deleting these, or simply make it so that the people in the story were simply blind to this aspect of their environment… while we the readers continue to know and remember. Mmmm… thanks for the premise. I’m going to keep thinking about this one…

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