Paik on Nature …

Paik on Nature (0004z)

My experimental TV is
not always interesting
not always uninteresting
like nature, which is beautiful,
not because it changes b e a u t i f u l l y,
but simply because it c h a n g e s.
The core of the beauty of nature is that the limitless QUANTITY of nature disarmed the category of QUALITY, which is used unconsciously mixed and confused with double meanings.
l) character
2) value.
In my experimental TV, the word QUALITY means only the CHARACTER, but not the VALUE.
A is different from B,
but not that
A is better than B.
Sometimes I need red apple
Sometimes I need red lips.

Nam June Paik (1964) Afterlude to Exposition for Experimental Television

Another thing to throw in to the mix when figuring out the next Subtle Sci-fi Story


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