J Hunting J

Jingoism on the rise

Jamal knew he was in trouble

John hunted the street with a violent passion and he was getting closer

Jaded, Jamal limped on pulling his cut leg behind him

June light pushed it’s way through the derelict buildings – the shadows that had protected Jamal were retreating

Jeeps and other military vehicles were over-turned and burnt out making the roads feel narrow and stifling

Jumping over a broken barricade Jamal suddenly realised he was at a dead end

Joy, like that of a child, seeped in to John’s body as soon as he spotted his prey, the fatigue dropped away

Jostling for space and shelter amongst the debris Jamal was unaware that he was already locked inside a crosshair

Jagged strips of metal cut Jamal’s flesh as he tried to work his way forward

Jolted by the sudden impact of the bullet Jamal fell forward

Jubilant, John moved in towards the writhing body

Judging the location of what he was after, John shoved his hands in to Jamal’s jacket

Jerking around with bloody fingers he found what he was after

Jewel like, the object shone even in diffuse smoky light

“J”, a beautiful vermilion one, John’s thirteenth. He smiled, he was winning

Daily Prompt: Fearful Symmetry


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