Daily Prompt: Moved to Tears

Response to the Daily Prompt, Moved to Tears.

She asked me to write her a poem that would move her to tears, so I wrote a few words on an onion.

She said I should read her something instead, so I read my credit statements from the past six years.The expression ‘bored to tears’ isn’t what you might call factual – she simply went into another room.

“I really want to cry”, she said. “I want something you say to make me cry”.

After all we’d been through, what could I say? Clichés filled my mind and I panicked and told her that I’d slept with her mum, Mary.

That did it. That really did it!

Through a bizarre string of events I now live with Mary. And one day when we’re sitting together and she says, “I want something you say to make me cry.” Well, I’ll try the onion gag again.


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  1. janeydoe57 says:

    Love this! Quirky, unexpected and fun!

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