I eat therefore I am | an interactive story

Launched with Mouths Wide Shut | The Daily Post

This story will be written in short bursts of about 200 words each week. How it turns out will be up to you! Read the following passage and then use the poll to vote on ‘What Happens Next’. Be sure to Follow the blog to make sure you don’t miss the next instalment, each post will be tagged ‘Mugwhah’.

The thing about Mugwhah, as much as love her, is that none of her magic is reversible. In folk tales, when a person is changed in to something they can often be changed back. But, as Mugwhah says, every transformative process is a singular thing. You have a knife, so you can transform a Blue Guava by cutting it. But what happens when you’re asked to transform it again? Well, you can only cut it some more, into smaller pieces. It is the same, Mugwhah reassures me, with the magic witches use. So, you can probably tell why I’m somewhat horrified by the fact that my right leg is now bigger than my left leg.

I lay back on the stone table, pressing my chin against my chest so I can see the ridiculous limb. My face must be a picture, as a potent mix of feelings well up inside: a mixture of disbelief, arousal and wonder.My hosen dangle limply off the swollen right foot. The plate with the enchanted berries still rests on my stomach – thankfully I only ate one.

“What do we do now?” I ask Mugwhah.

“Isn’t it what you wanted, to be transformed by a witch. To me mine play with? I think it’s beautiful” She smiles nervously, her wide face belies a series of questions about our trust in one another, our expectations.

 You decide what happens next – use the following poll.

The next part of the story will be published again next Sunday based upon your votes…


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