To my followers…

Dear Followers,

We’ve been through a lot together haven’t we? Do you remember that story about the fruit that could make you shit yourself and then make you want to eat your shit? What was that all about! Then there was that bizarre episode where a mindless shell of a man plugged into a system that allowed him to enter a well-to-do household, where stuffed dogs sat around the dinner table. Then the Subtle Sci-fi series has presented us with alternative realities where people can’t balance very well, where all speech is comprised of questions, where emotions seep out of your skin like resin and where decay is a man-made [sic] property.

Well, now I want us to go on a another journey together. On Sunday I put together a short story, only 200 words, accompanied by a poll.  And this poll will shape how the story grows – simple. Each week the options will get more ambitious, allowing you to vote not just on the content of the story but also it’s form. What has started as foray into the world of fantasy might end up as a treatise on ants.

Here’s the important bit…

As people who follow my blog, I care about your input the most. So, if you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, please take a look

Many thanks,



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