Mugwhah: The ongoing story that you create…

This is part 2 of a story determined by reader’s votes. If you want to join in from the start click the Mugwhah button above. To participate is simple, read the story and use the poll to vote!


Despite the fact that you now have one unusually large leg, you decide to stay with Mugwhah. You remind yourself that you come from a noble family and have learnt from a young age to me methodical in testing beliefs. Branded as a witch, Mugwhah is feared by the people who work your father’s land, she is thought to conspire with the devil and such superstition is distracting for the peasants.

As a noble you are good at reminding yourself of such things because you often have to speak your thoughts aloud around the banquet table. However, another feeling has long started to insinuate itself as a thought. You crave Mugwhah! You crave to be with someone who might have power over you and be able to transform you. You tire of your duties and you tire of parading your gender like a garish peacock.

Mugwhah looks at you, her dark skin and open face reflect the warm glow from the stove. She still isn’t sure if you will stay or not. But you have deduced two things while being in her company. Firstly, she is good humoured and gentle and has no pact with the devil. You saw this not only in the way she greeted a stranger, offering you food and drink, but also from watching her for some time from a hidden position – how kindly she was with her animals, how carefully she tended her garden. Secondly, she does possess real powers that exceed any normal logic.

As she continues to search your face for a sign of your next move you decide that you must make a commitment to her.

“I’m ready now to try the next of your magical foods”

She smiles, “Wonderful. This time I shall let you choose.”

HoseLinked to Welcome, Stranger

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