An Interactive story that you _____________ .

At first it was a frivolous medieval farce; then ‘Mugwhah’ was recast as a television show. With this meta-fictional twist Susan entered the frame. An astute writer, she began scrutinising the political potential of the ‘Mugwhah’ narrative. Could she transform an ailing, kitsch, erotic drama about a witch and a hapless courtier into something worthwhile?

The story currently hinges on an apparition seen by Susan’s granddaughter. Is it a sign that Susan’s “real world” is nothing but the courtier’s drug induced trip? Has the granddaughter somehow seen someone or something resembling Mugwhah the witch herself? Or is this a passing moment in an otherwise stable reality that will see Susan toy with the idea of applying herself to a network TV show?

It’s up to you to decide… ENTER THE WORLD OF MUGWHAH!


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