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Every Sunday a new part of the Mugwhah story is added. But how that part extends or changes the story is up to the readers! For those of you wanting to dive in, here’s a condensed version of the story so far…

– William the son of a lord and narrator of the story allowed a witch called Mugwhah to practice magic on him

– William realised a deep affection for Mugwhah, feeling that her powers could release him from his strict, moral life

– Just as he had consumed a powerful earth tablet his farther arrived with an angry mob, hungry for Mugwhah’s blood

– The powerful magic took hold and suddenly we find ourselves in the 1990s, following a writer called Susan

– Susan was asked to contribute ideas to ‘Mugwhah’, an ailing network programme

– As Susan puts her mind to the task her granddaughter seem to see some kind of spectre

What does this mean? You decide…


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