Chain-blog Gang

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Winning Streak.”

The system has changed a lot. Used to be that you’d be given manual labour: clearing the land of rocks and roots so that new roads or railways could be built. But in the digital age, the labour is electronic. Some in the west wing – mainly thieves and conmen – have to spend their time grinding through World of Warcraft and other online games to earn points and items that are coveted by other players. And they get money for them which then feeds back into the prison system.

Here in the east wing – where we’re mainly murderers and the like – we have to write blogs. This is my 200th blog in a row. It’s such a small number because I haven’t been in here long. But my sentence is 21 years, so they calculate I’ll reach 7,649 blogs before I’m finished. Of course, I might get parole – that is, if my blog posts are grammatically correct and include engaging content. But that’s where the problem lies. You see I remember Joe Strummer – you know The Clash front man – saying, “without input there is no output”. Here, there is no input. Just blank walls and a stinking toilet. I mean what am I going tell you about, my bowel movements?

Now the Birdman of Alcatraz I bet he could write a pretty good chain-blog. But I don’t have any birds. Maybe that’s the way forward though, to set-up some kind of scientific investigation? That’d keep me going. And it’d keep me from writing about my past, about the reasons I’m in here in the first place. ‘Cause that’s what they want, I know it. They want me to reveal my depravity and craziness. They want me to write something that’ll show I am not like them and I am not like you. But, the fact is that I am. I killed someone, yes I did. It happened in a moment of rage, but it was done by me – a conscientious person who was crushed by circumstances. What circumstances? Well, I guess I’ve got another 7,449 blogs to tell it to you in if I so choose.

They might censor this blog, but what I said then, that’s the key thing I really want to get across. I’m not so different. We learn from those around us and our environment. If all we see is cruelty then that’s what we accept as normal. I was acting in a way I thought was normal. Isn’t guilt a relative thing?


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