Why the most popular post I have ever written has nothing to do with my writing.

Like many of those who write a blog I’ve tried a lot of different things to encourage people to read the words I write. Principally I try to write interesting, challenging stuff. What would be the point otherwise? But I’ve also learnt the value of tapping into the WordPress community via the Daily Prompts and – or course – have experimented with links through to social media. The latter are promotion and also have nothing to do with writing itself (I’ve also learnt the valuable lesson that sometimes publishing a story online on a blog can disqualify it from entry into writing competitions and other forms of publication – which now impacts what I share and what I don’t.) But, the most popular post I have ever posted – that is the post with most views, regular views even – is one that features a word in its title that has a meaning outwith the one I wrote about. Yes, the word ‘fubbing’ can mean, “to put a finger up a partner’s anus whilst having sex, with or without permission.”

This is quite unfortunate. I mean I knew the word had that meaning at the time of writing the post. But I didn’t know that in terms of pageviews, and who can say how much pleasure people derive from it once they arrive, it would overshadow the rest of my output by miles; that my attempts at writing meta-fiction and a comprehensive record of my reviews of contemporary art would be overrun by people interested in fingers heading up other people’s arses.

Now, if I were a self-respecting type this would be the point at which my indignation would run wild. How dare these people contaminate my prose with their curious libidos and aromatic digits. But I’m not. Instead, I’d like to say hello and welcome to you my main reader, and I apologise that this is not the site, or sight perhaps, you were hoping for. If my short fictions, subtle sci-fi and other ventures don’t take off, please be assured that my endevours to comprehend fubbing will begin again from a new and more dedicated – dare I say ‘hands-on’ perspective.

To read my post about fubbing click here.



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