Subtle Sci-fi Centre


Subtle Sci-fi stories all start with a premise that limits or affects the story world. Here you can access the subtle Sci-fi Stories and read more about where it came from and how it works.




Premise: People do not have such a good sense of balance.

Dave is on the hunt for a taboo record when he bumps into someone who apparently shares his interests. With the voices of his closest friends and the legacy of gyroscopic technology whirring round in his head he cuts a lonely figure,  clumsily heading across the low-rise city.

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Premise: Emotions and intentions are physically manifested.

Blithe B and Demure T are momentarily spellbound by the emotional manifestations of Lady X. But their own lives interject and they leave to continue their nascent relationship, reflecting upon what they want out of life, and of course the strange growths their bodies harbour.

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Premise: Every sentence is a question

Language’s evasive, elusive nature may well be essential to our survival. Professor Ellen Munro’s thoughts on the matter are brought in to sharp relief as tragedy befalls the University campus.

This story is currently being redeveloped for publication.


Premise: Decay, dilapidation and other signs of entropy are designed aspects of the human world.

Taking the form of an interview with artists of the Graphito movement, this story explores the potential of subtle forms of urban art.

This story is currently being redeveloped for publication.


Premise: Everyone gets to coin a word

Andy has a lot to learn from both his studies – which take him to the vast depots where people’s words are kept – and his family. Weeks before his 16-year-old brother gets to coin his word, a discovery throws new light on their mum’s past, raising questions about the power and problems of creating and defining your own word.

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Subtle Sci-fi: Context and development

The Beginnings – The First Post About Subtle Sci-fi


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